Faye is amazing in what she does. I absolutely love my PT sessions! Faye pushes me to work harder than I have before and I always leave feeling amazing and excited about my next session.

Carrie, PT Client

I’ve heard such great things of Faye and her FMH fitness brand over the years. I have been in touch with her for a while and finally signed up for some PT sessions. Faye is exceptional at making even a complete beginner feel at ease and plans sessions that are completely suited for a clients needs and goals.I love the fact that the sessions are led with minimal equipment as it makes them feel more accessible for me to carry out at home (hence why I signed up for the app package too). Each session is taxing. She makes me sweat and I’m filled with pride in myself at the end of the workout. I might look forward to going or doing a session (sorry Faye) but I love the results I am getting.

Ceri, PT Client

I really love and enjoy Faye’s online classes and whilst they are early morning, they really do get you started for the day, work around my work/family and I’ve found my passion for working out again. (Plus I can just relax in the evening after a long day knowing a workout is ✅) I joined the Empowered group in May and it really helped with my wellbeing, physical and mental, during lockdown. The ladies in the group are lovely, the workouts are great (which Faye can tailor to your own ability and you can complete at any time to suit you), and the knowledge shared by Faye is amazing. I’ve learnt so much about health, fitness and the human body (which is bloody amazing). Since being in the group, I’ve lost 14lbs, my body shape has changed greatly, and I feel confident that I can keep it off. The group is about educating, empowering and mindsets which has definitely helped me. Thanks Faye, you are truely amazing!

Amy, Online Coaching Member

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