Join me as I share with you my knowledge and experience from 8 years of working as a Personal Trainer, Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach, and Older Adult Fitness Specialist. This podcast is available both on Apple Podcasts + Spotify, simply search ‘FMH Fitness’

  1. Introducing FMH Fitness
  2. Tips for Getting Started
  3. Motivation
  4. Energy Balance (Calories)
  5. Emotional Eating
  6. Staying on Track in the Summer Holidays
  7. Setting yourself up for a great week
  8. Empowered by Faye Marie
  9. All About Protein (with Angi from @getpeachy)
  10. 10 things that can improve your health
  11. Making yourself a priority
  12. Tuning in to your hunger signals
  13. Maintaining Good Nutrition & Exercise During Winter
  14. Gym Memberships V Investing in PT/Coaching
  15. Why I won’t write meal plans
  16. Struggling to stick to your calorie target?
  17. You are in control of your chocies
  18. Festive Focus (Fitness Advent 2022)
  19. Should you diet your way to Christmas?
  20. Client Q+A (Social Events and Tracking Calories)
  21. Importance of Setting Boundaries
  22. How to reduce overeating in December
  23. Online Coaching 2023
  24. Are you holding yourself back?
  25. Q+A (Getting Started, Protein & Calories)
  26. Common mistakes when tracking calories
  27. Top tips when choosing your meals
  28. Q+A (Motivation, PMS, DOMS, and Weekends)
  29. Why you might be hungry
  30. Let’s talk about Scale Weight
  31. Avoiding the Half-Term F**k-it Bucket
  32. You can eat salad and not be on a diet
  33. Overcoming Gym Fear
  34. Setting yourself up for a Successful Weekend
  35. Decide to change once and for all
  36. How to progress your workouts
  37. Patience & Perfection
  38. Reducing the Overwhelm of Calorie Counting
  39. Fitness Influencers & Reality
  40. Exercise & Injury
  41. My Tips & Tricks for Dieting
  42. Weight Loss Plateau
  43. Dieting whilst on your Period
  44. Tips & Tricks for Dieting Pt 2
  45. Observations from Eating Out
  46. Seeing Summer as an Opportunity
  47. Scale Weight isn’t Everything
  48. How to increase Steps
  49. Why you should break up with your phone
  50. Self Awareness
  51. Summer Action Plan
  52. How I get back on track
  53. Your Health is an INVESTMENT not an EXPENSE
  54. ‘I feel worse for eating well & exercising’ said no one ever
  55. Training with a friend
  56. Staying Healthful during Autumn/Winter
  57. The best gym reframe you will ever hear
  58. Where does it start to go wrong?
  59. Consistency Over Perfection
  60. What FMH Fitness has to offer
  61. Why the morning matters
  62. Journal Prompts
  63. Struggling with your workouts?
  64. How I plan my meals
  65. Losing body fat from specific areas
  66. Why referring to food as ‘junk’ is harmful
  67. My clients online coaching success story
  68. Why are you waiting for January?
  69. Festive Focus (Fitness Advent Calendar)
  70. It’s never a one size fits all
  71. Feeling embarrassed by your body
  72. Taking your weekday habits into the weekend
  73. How to have a more healthful December
  74. Setting New Goals (that aren’t focused on weight loss)
  75. Finding The Positives
  76. How we manage December (with Caroline)
  77. Saying No (with Caroline)
  78. Alcohol & You Decisions (with Caroline)
  79. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  80. Snacking & Snack Ideas
  81. Do you need Motivation?
  82. Exercising with your Kids
  83. Carolines Top Ten Mindset Tips
  84. Carolines Practical Tips for Success
  85. Should you have Breakfast?
  86. Losing focus when you start to reach your goal
  87. Carolines Winter Hacks
  88. December feels hard now, right?
  89. The Batman Effect, with Caroline
  90. Do what you can, whilst you are still able to do it

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