The Journey of FMH Fitness

It was September 2014 that I became a Personal Trainer, but FMH Fitness didn’t reaaaally become a business until January 2018. Partially because at the start it was a whole new ball game to me after 7 years in Childcare and Education, and looking back now, I had SO much to learn. Mainly though, because life was just bloody mental for one reason or another, and it wasn’t until I had my daughter and was left to raise her alone that I actually got my sh*t together and could finally put in 100% to make my mark in the industry.

So where did this desire to become a Personal Trainer come from? Sit back and grab a cuppa…

I was a really self conscious kid from the start from what I remember. Like most kids, I was bullied (kids are bloody cruel). I wasn’t even big, maybe a bit chubbs, but not big. I was definitely that pain in the arse child that wouldn’t eat their lunch so had to be sat with until I’d eaten a ‘suitable amount’ to be able to go out and play. But equally I was definitely the kid at Christmas who said yes to third portions of pud (who even says no to extra Chocolate Gateux!)

During my teens I spent 99.9% of my time worrying about what I looked like. I obsessed about being ‘fat’. I had periods where I would obsess over calories and staying below a certain number. I was so desperate to be ‘skinny’. This is something I can say I honestly didn’t grow out of until I had my daughter, and then reality slapped me in the face. I hated PE at school, I refused to get dressed in the changing rooms and would only do so in the toilets, and I literally passed out within the first 5 minutes of the School Cross Country. Yet for some unknown reason I picked PE as a GCSE?! I failed by the way. I really hated it.

It was my best friend asking me to join her for an outdoor bootcamp around 2012 that started it all. We went once, and then we were hooked. From what I remember we went 2-3 times a week, maybe even more, whether it was rain, sun or snow. We LOVED it. A group of lads from the Bootcamp convinced us to do Tough Mudder with them. We turned up, they didn’t meet us, we nailed it alone (one of whom I’m still friends with and if you’re reading this we still haven’t forgiven you!). Then we became obsessed with Obstacles Races/Running and considered ourselves pretty hardcore. We joined a new gym in Swindon, and that’s where my Personal Training Journey began.

It was not the easiest of starts to a new career. Due to personal circumstances in my home life there were huge barriers in the way. My confidence was at an all-time low. I knew what I wanted to achieve but I just wasn’t able to for so many reasons. Then I became pregnant with my beautiful little girl, which obviously had such a huge impact no my life that work was no longer the priority. Until June 2017, when I began to raise this girl alone. Then work had to become my priority.

FMH Fitness has really taken off since then, especially over the last 18 months – and something I am told regularly is that it is because of my honesty about my own journey, and how relatable other women find it. My attitude towards Health & Fitness has changed dramatically since having my daughter and is a whole world away from where I was just a few years ago.

I have been underweight, overweight, lean and pregnant. I have suffered bouts of depression/anxiety for various reasons. I have survived an abusive relationship and raised a child alone. But all of these different experiences have taught me so many different lessons and changed my attitude towards myself and my clients in so many ways. A fitness journey to me is no longer black and white ‘diet and exercise’. Being ‘skinny’ is no longer an acceptable goal. Other people in the industry are no longer ‘the competition’. I am now at a place where I am accepting and somewhat, content, with my body. Some days I’m even quite happy with it. I have realistic goals and expectations. My focus has shifted from aesthetics, to health. Above all else, I strive every day to be the best role model for my little girl.

I have learnt so much and continue to learn more every day, and I hope that I can begin to start sharing more of this with you through this blog and through any sessions that you may attend!

Here is to building an army of strong, empowered and beautiful women!

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