My name is Faye, and I am face behind FMH Fitness. I’m a thirty-one year old solo mother to Amber (age 5) and we are also the proud owners of a Cocker Spaniel – Stanley! As you can imagine; life is pretty busy.
Life right now revolves around my family and my business. You will often see me posting on social media at 5am whilst my little one is asleep, but then tucked up in bed with a book by 9pm! I’m definitely an early bird and would rather wake up and get things done (and gone are the days where I can stay up until midnight binge watching tele)
I am incredibly lucky to have a career where I genuinely look forward to ‘going to work’, even if that work means being sat at my desk doing admin. Alongside running this little business, I also work a few days a month in a pharmacy (and have done since I was 15)
If I’m not with my daughter or working, you will probably find me walking around Lydiard with the dog whilst listening to a podcast.